Julie and Paul Wedding 16/09/16
Katy and Kieron Wedding - Top 100
Katy and Kieron Wedding
Emma and Darren Wedding June 2018
still not room to graze a cow
The Old Court 1940's Night - Blitz Party
USA 2017 Vegas, Az, New York
aa Colour Street Photography
Windsor & Eton Riverside Station and Castle, March 2018 - 4184
Long Hill Park Skate Park Graffitti, March 2018 - 4183
Lily Hill Park Bracknell, March 2018 - 4182
Kew Gardens March 2018 - 4181 
Orchids at Kew Gardens and The Hive
Trevelyan School, Green Lane, 2002 
Last day of Trevelyan School operation in Green Lane, Windsor. 2002 - Pictures © Mike Swift
Chinese NY 18-2-2018 and Transport Street Photograhy
Oyé Santana - JAGZ January 2018
4086-0817 Vito and Victoria
Edmonds Accountants 2017
MCC Prime Minister
Scooter Rally 2017 - Isle of Wight
IOW Scooter Rally 2017
London August 2017
London and Reading 2017 August iPhone
London June 2017 X100
Reading/Slough Railway Stations on iPhone
Royal Ascot Street photography
IOW Baywatch Beach
Stanbrook Abbey
Street - Broad St. Reading 04/06/17
aa snrtgac
iPhone photography 2016 
All pictures in this gallery have been taken on an iPhone 6s+
Emma and James Macleod Wedding
Queen opens Windsor bandstand
Oye Santana - NFm June 2016
aa Winchester Cathedral front page
aa pos2 HOME demo
aa Mono Street Photography
London, Salgado trip. iPhone
TUBE card/book iPad art
TUBE ART (for book)
Richard Manzano
Rudi, Michelle & twins
London September 2014 iPhone
Loch Lomond & the Seaplane
London April 2014 (iPhone)
London March 2014 
London Street Photography by Mike Swift on 6th March 2014.
Bournemouth April 2014
London June 2013
ICELAND - April 2013
ICELAND on an iPhone 4S
Queen at Hospice 25th Anniversary
London April 2012
London February 2012
aa Web Site Portfolio Gallery
Rose & Dan Wedding 7/1/12
After the fun of the fair
Prince Philip 90th Birthday 
Prince Philip 90 birthday, Queen Elizabeth 2nd, Prince William Duke Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Catherine Middleton, Beartrice, Eugenie, Princess Anne, St. Georges Chapel, Windsor, Anne, Edwards Sophie, Count and Countess of Wessex, Prince Andrew, Zara Phillips Peter Phillips
Fowles Developments
Lyon, France September 2010
London June 2010
State Visit - Nicolas Sarkozy 
Nicholas Sarcozy, Carla Brunei, Queen Elizabeth 2nd, Prince Philip, State Visit, Windsor, Adam Afriyie, Mayor Catherine Bursnall
Paula and Alex Wedding
Sarah and George Wedding
I Am A Piece Of Slough
Sarah & Scott Ellison Wedding
Claire and Andy Levine Wedding
Aerial photography - Thames Valley 
BD 123 and 128 at Heathrow operating on easterlies. Aerial pictures of local area, fire station Heathrow, Control Tower Heathrow, Windsor, Slough, Maidenhead, Slough trading Estate, Reservoir, Didcot Power Station, Dorney Lake from the air, White Waltham Airfield, Windsor Castle, Computer Associates, M25
Levine Wedding